Mediation is an interactive process that encourages parties in conflict to find mutually acceptable agreements between themselves. Contact me online or by phone, to help assist you with a mediated solution to your problem.

It is useful when people cannot find a solution, are deadlocked, or at an impasse with a problem. The parties meet with a trained Mediator who is an impartial specialist that guides them toward constructive solutions that meet real interest and needs.

The Mediator, unlike a jury or judge, does not impose a solution, but the parties themselves design and implement the settlement by engaging in negotiations with the assistance and guidance of the Mediator.  The mediation takes place in a confidential setting that provides a comfortable atmosphere for honest and open discussion. When a solution is reached, the agreement is recorded in writing.

Mediation can be used anytime, whether or not a lawsuit has been filed. It can prevent the huge costs of litigation and prevent the risk of Court proceedings. The advantages of Mediation are the cost savings and the creation of continued personal relationships. It avoids legalistic and formal proceedings by being informal and flexible.

The cost savings, confidentiality, and informal environment make Mediation an attractive alternative to drawn-out legal proceedings. Conflict is inevitable and can be managed. Mediation offers an alternative that should be considered.  If you are seeking a mediated solution to a legal problem or legal assistance of any type, please
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